Mindfulness goes beyond your mind!

From a long-time meditator, I have some good things to share with you about meditation.

I will first address why it is so hard to begin meditating or to meditate alone.

~ Meditating takes focus which takes work, but once you are there, you can relax in your focus, oddly enough.

~ Before you get a meditation habit going, you are pushing against what is familiar. Make meditation a familiar habit in your daily or weekly life.

~ When we meditate with others, we are going along with what others are doing and it is easy to get past our own resistance. If you don’t have anyone to meditate with, find a guided meditation on Youtube to follow. There are even meditation apps for your smart phone! You can then do meditation on your own if you so choose.

OK, so now what? Here is what meditation can do for you:

~ It increases your ability to be aware of yourself and how you express yourself (the insular cortex).

~ It can help your cardiovascular system, quality of your sleep and lower anxiety levels.

~ Studies have shown that longtime meditators have less loss of gray matter (bring tissue) that occurs as a result of aging. Begin meditating now.

~ It also inexplicably affects your entire life even outside of meditation. Things seem to go better and life can seem to have more synchronicity. This is the part that is astounding to me.

Wishing you balance and peace,