Couples Counseling

Don’t Give Up!

Relationships are among the most intense, valuable, and sometimes challenging experiences any of us will have in life. When they are going well, they add an immeasurable satisfaction to our lives. When they are not going well, likewise, it may seem as if the conflicts are the worst of anything else going on in our lives.

The benefits of keeping our relationships include building long term connections with others who know us a couple, creating memories for a lifetime, getting past rough patches to find that you have a trusted, close companion with whom you can share all those connections, memories and fun times together. If you have worked on building a career, patiently stuck it out in school, you might think of building a relationship in a comparable way.
The biggest problem is when our triggers get pushed in relationships. We don’t even know what those triggers are most of the time, but we know when we are in pain. Running away means losing out on any benefits of working out the pain and realizing you can run to that one person for love, trust and intimacy.

Many kinds of relationship counseling, mostly from the recent past, focus on better communication skills, but that just touches the surface and does not give you, the couple, any real relief.

My background is in attachment therapy and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy pioneered by Dr. Sue Johnson) and PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) with Dr. Stan Tatkin who combines psycho-neurology and attachment therapy which addresses the unconscious reactions we have and what we truly . Furthermore, couples therapy helps you resolve your triggers and learn to truly see your partner and love in a deep way as well as receive love and care from your partner. You will learn to validate your own needs and feelings and will also learn how to take care of your partner. Having a third party in the room with you, gently walking you through the steps, can make everything seem possible again.
People tell me I have a comforting, soothing manner that can put you at ease and help you find the solutions you seek.

I have many years of experience helping people find the right relationship for them and what they truly need. Call me to set up an appointment to see how this can work for you. 408-218-8250

May you walk in joy today,