Your wounding is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility. ~ Denice Frohman

One thing I love about being a therapist is the ability to share tools for transformation! We all want to go through the door which allows us healing, happiness, better relationships and more. All we need are the tools. Therapists can be useful in helping you do that.
You may be nursing some old wounding, something your bullying sibling said or did, the abusive experience of parents who hurt you possibly without being aware they did so (or maybe they sadly did know), bullying on the playground and so much more.
That action of nursing old wounding is taking away from your vitality that is meant to help you pursue your goals and dreams.
You may ask, “How then do I get past it? I have tried.”.
The trick is in realizing that your inner self, composed of all the developmental stages you have experienced, including in utero, is accessible to you.
One of the areas I focus on in my work is often called Inner Child work or more recently Attachment Focused work. It is through this door that we can change the past. We cannot change the past quite in linear time (although that is a good question) but we can change our experience of the past and how it affects us. Our nervous systems allow us to do this. This is a tool you have in your hands for healing your wounding.
When you set up a session with me, mention you would like to work on this and I will walk this path with you!
Walk in joy,