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Life can be difficult and there is no how-to manual. Are you having complications in your life due to stress, trauma or grief? Do you wonder what is behind problematic relationship patterns? You may need help with overeating, addictions or anger management. My goal is to help you solve your challenges in the most efficient and self-enhancing way possible. My training in Attachment Focused EMDR can help you gain your natural personality and energy back. 

Relationships are among the most challenging ways we grow and learn about ourselves. They can also be among the most rewarding experiences in our lives. Attachment needs never end in a person’s lifespan. I also can help you with couples counseling by helping you find what is at the base of your communication challenges, anger, fear or pain and find your answers. My focus is assisting you in discovering your truth amid the mixed messages you may have received while growing up, helping you to establish nurturing relationships with those closest to you.

I also offer grief counseling, either individual or group (please inquire about group availability). Please see my page explaining what grief counseling can do for you.


You may be able to use your health insurance even if I am not a provider on your plan. I can provide you with a monthly statement called a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement if your plan allows for this.

I also accept CalVCB (California Victim Compensation Benefit) also known as the Victim Witness Program. It offers no-cost crisis intervention and ongoing counseling for emotional, personal and financial problems resulting from being a victim of a crime. For information on how to file a claim and receive counseling, please call Sue Meyer, Program Coordinator, at 530-842-4760.

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THE FOUR PARENTING STYLES The best – Demanding but receptive Authorized breeding is the gold standard for breeding. Authorized parents encourage their children to be independent, but they also set limits and limits. Discipline is applied, but in a solidary and non-punitive way. Typically, authoritative parents give their children greater levels of independence as they…
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How can I tell if my child is depressed? The symptoms of depression in children vary. It is often not diagnosed and treated because it is transmitted as normal emotional and psychological changes that occur during growth. Early medical studies focused on “masked” depression, where a child’s depressed mood was evidenced by acting or by…
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Tips for Tackling Anxiety

Not intended to replace medical or psychiatric care. If in doubt, do not follow or else check with your mental health provider before proceeding. Stress is part of being human and can be helpful in protecting us from harm and making the wrong move in a situation. Stress can also evolve into anxiety which can…
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I Love the Word Grace

I love the word Grace. It implies that something has been bestowed on you without you doing the work for it. Doing Individual Therapy can be like that. You do your own work and you notice people around you changing because YOU have changed. If you lighten some of your baggage and create a more…
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Bullying in Families

Bullying is a topic that frequently comes up in the news these days. It truly is a social problem that causes lasting damage for both individuals and the larger society. It can lead to health problems, lost productivity at work, difficulty in building strong family units and even a shorter life span. It has always…
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Mindfulness goes beyond your mind!

From a long-time meditator, I have some good things to share with you about meditation. I will first address why it is so hard to begin meditating or to meditate alone. ~ Meditating takes focus which takes work, but once you are there, you can relax in your focus, oddly enough. ~ Before you get…
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