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Life can be difficult and there is no how-to manual. Are you having complications in your life due to stress, trauma or grief? Do you wonder what is behind problematic relationship patterns? You may need help with overeating, addictions or anger management. My goal is to help you solve your challenges in the most efficient and self-enhancing way possible. My training in Attachment Focused EMDR can help you gain your natural personality and energy back. 

Relationships are among the most challenging ways we grow and learn about ourselves. They can also be among the most rewarding experiences in our lives. Attachment needs never end in a person’s lifespan. I also can help you with couples counseling by helping you find what is at the base of your communication challenges, anger, fear or pain and find your answers. My focus is assisting you in discovering your truth amid the mixed messages you may have received while growing up, helping you to establish nurturing relationships with those closest to you.

I also offer grief counseling, either individual or group (please inquire about group availability). Please see my page explaining what grief counseling can do for you.

provide couples’ counseling based on Emotionally Focused Therapy which is attachment oriented, as well.