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Life can present a lot of bumps that prevent you from being the fully functional self you have within you. I have been a student of the human condition from a very young age and specialize in using methods that efficiently help you access your best self.

TRAUMA, PTSI (what used to be called PTSD is now PTSI, Post Traumatic Stress Injury)
Are you having complications in your life due to stress, PTSI, developmental trauma or grief? My training in Brainspotting (Certified Practitioner), many years of experience in crisis and grief therapy, psycho-neurology, IFS and attachment work can help you gain your natural personality, inspiration and energy back as well as improve relationships with those around you. Trauma resulting from childhood abuse, life threatening situations of any kind or even if you are not sure your situation qualifies as PTSI. Unprocessed trauma causes many symptoms.

  • Inability to give or receive love very well. Difficulty trusting others with your feelings, your thoughts, or your love.
  • Shame, hiding parts of yourself that you do not like for whatever reason
  • Inner moral conflicts
  • Triggers that happen in certain situations whether you know what they are about or not
  • Depression, Addiction, Anxiety that have underlying trauma (Dr. Gabor Mate says they always have underlying trauma).
  • Recurring dreams, flashbacks, avoiding situations
  • Feeling like crying without knowing why
  • Dissociation, Depersonalization, Derealization
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If you are open to it, I can add much more depth and breadth to your treatment. I have 4 years of intense awareness training that began in 1988. I can help you with energy balancing and spiritual alignment with your source. Ask me about it when we discuss options for treatment over the phone.

I am offering Telehealth only right now. As long as you are in California, I can see you! Telehealth is suitable for everything I offer!


  • Kaiser (not under Magellan)

I also accept CalVCB (California Victim Compensation Benefit) also known as the Victim Witness Program. It offers no-cost crisis intervention and ongoing counseling for emotional, personal and financial problems resulting from being a victim of a crime (such as witnessing or experiencing DV or any other violent crime). If you already have a claim number, you can set up counseling with me. If you need to file a claim, please call CalVCB at (800) 777-9229.


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