I offer 50 minute sessions for couples and individuals.

Call me if you are interested in setting up therapy with me.

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Private Pay Psychotherapy: $120 per 50 minute session

Kaiser HMO insurance

CAL VCB or Victim Witness for those who experienced or witnessed violence

COUPLES My approach is informed mainly by PACT founded by Stan Tatkin PhD 

(Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) It focuses more on autonomic nervous system patterns between partners than what they think and say. It is structured and straightforward. It is also more efficient and effective than previous forms of couples therapy in my view.


IFS (Internal Family Systems) by Richard Swartz PhD I use this for most if not all my individual patients as part of psychotherapy. It is a non-pathological approach to mental well-being that is very helpful. It is also inclusive of a spiritual view if you are so inclined. 

Brainspotting – by David Grand PhD 

I am a Certified Practitioner with Phase I and II training

This is an amazing modality that is able to reach your autonomic nervous system directly to do many things. I use it mainly to help patients improve a sense of well-being, improve sleep and other autonomic nervous system processes including gut problems and clear triggers and traumatic memories. Your brain and nervous system decide what needs to be done and you and I follow. Some of what you process may come up as images, memories and realizations or you may have only somatic sensations. Whatever happens, your system clears something to help you function better in life. I track your progress with you each week. I use it as part of my overall psychotherapy approach uniquely designed for you. 


I have a long history of working with the body’s energetic system, sometimes called the “aura”. If you are open to it, I can include this with your psychotherapy. It can augment my other services to help you clear issues and gain awareness of your unique gifts and ongoing well-being.